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Rowing Skills Challenge
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At Sports Challenge Group, the first priority is fun! 

Our skills challenges will test the skills of each participant and offer the personal satisfaction of competing against their peers.  At the same time, we use the skills challenges to exemplify the merits of charitable work.

By signing up your team, league, or entire city soccer organization, you will not only help raise money for your group or organization, but you will also be making a huge contribution to the less fortunate in the greater Cleveland area as well. SCG donates a portion of the proceeds from each challenge to the Cleveland Food bank to help the less fortunate!! 

So, what is a Rowing Skills Challenge? 

Unlike our other challenges, having water available to offer a true rowing challenge is difficult. So SCG does the next best thing. Our rowing challenges utilize "ergs", which are indoor rowing machines.  These rowing machines offer a level playing field for all competitors and we time the determined distance. Rowing Skills can include:

What does SCG do for your group?

The Sports Challenge Group will provide everything you need.  We will come in and set up the event, we will establish and handle each participants registration, track the competitor’s scores, compile the data and award the prizes to the winners.  SCG will need the sponsoring group to provide the ergs for the rowing challenge.

How do we contact Sports Challenge Group to hold a fund raiser?

Email us at info@sportschallengegroup.com or call us at 330-468-1376 to sign up your group and remember.....you can raise money for your group, help those less fortunate and have a GREAT TIME!   Don’t wait, call today and make a difference!